29 Dec

CNG cars in low budget – Economical, Efficient and Eco-friendly cars

CNG (Compressed natural gas)cars have gained immense popularity in the last decade. Barring the initial cost of setting up the CNG kit in your cars, the running cost in a CNG car is much lesser than a petrol or diesel one. Switching on to CNG cars is also a step towards environment protection. Some of the CNG run cars in the low budget are discussed here.

Maruti Suzuki seems to be the leader in the CNG race. Most of their small cars are sold in CNG versions. Some of the cheap ones are Maruti Alto 800, Alto K10, Maruti Omni, Maruti Eeco, Maruti Zen Estilo and Maruti Wagon R. They fall in the price range of Rs 3 to Rs 5 lakhs. Maruti Alto 800 CNG yields an impressive mileage of 30.46 kilometres per litre. Wagon R is Maruti’s only model on sale in India that is available in all four possible fuel options – petrol, diesel, CNG and LPG. The new entrant to the market – Maruti Celerio Green VXi is a CNG model and is a good option to consider at Rs 4.7 lakhs. Maruti Ertiga and SX4 also get CNG models but they cost slightly more costing Rs 8 lakhs plus.

Maruti Alto 800 CNG
Maruti Alto 800 CNG

Tata Motors, father of the famous one-lakh Nano car also is a CNG marketer. Nano CNG XM is the cheapest CNG car in the Indian car market at just Rs 2.4 lakhs. Also, it has the lowest CO2 emission among all cars in India. The Nano CNG emax was launched in October 2013 which can run on either gasoline or compressed natural gas. Tata Indica eV2 and Indigo eCS are also run on CNG though they cost a little more in the price bracket of Rs 3.9 to Rs 5 lakhs.

Hyundai’s entry level hatchback Santro Xing is also available in CNG fuel. It comes in two models at 4.3 lakhs and Rs 4.51 lakhs respectively with a 1086 cc engine. The Santro Xing really comes into its basics in the city with its easy manoeuvrability and nimble temperament. Honda also offers CNG option in its top-seller City, but this will come pretty expensive at almost Rs 10 lakhs.

But a major drawback felt in this setting is the lack of CNG filling stations in the country. Some people also complain on losing out the luggage space at the rear. If the government can ensure more easy availability of CNG fuel, we may escape the long queue of vehicles lined up outside CNG filling stations. Opting for a dual fuel system is best in this scenario, where the user can shift between petrol and CNG modes without a glitch.

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28 Dec

Suffix Zero – All in 10000 KMs

Some days ago, I finally graduated (or rather matriculated) from 1st standard 0r 1000 km to 10th standard (i.e. 10000 km) and 300 more in last 7 days, quite an eventful journey this has been. My admiration of this mechanical invention called a Car only continues to grow, well done whosoever has done that.

It’s a great feeling to see that some of what I dreamed about, while in the 1st class, have come true. One of them was taking it for a loooong ride (vacation); two destinations in span of two weeks, doing some 300 km in a day all by myself (so that sets the bar for me – regarding maximum distance in a day so far). This also gave me the opportunity to chart my course on hilly terrains including the slopes and curves of Mahabaleshwar – where, as a kid, I’d see Mom being afraid to be riding by road on any format of transport!

Alas those vacations are more than 15 months old, the next one on the cards ought to be even loooooooooooonger ride… > 1500 KM to/fro: likely destination – Rajkot / Kutch:) Wish me luck.

Also realised the dream of taking it to the town where I spent much of my growing up days (it’s a separate story that the two ladies in my house still find the need for me to grow up, while I think I have grown old enough to seek counsel of my old family doctor who still practices in that town)

Here are some unforgettable experiences along my 10000 km journey:

– The thrill when the needle on the speedometer moved to the other side of the 140Km mark, even for a few seconds, for a few times. Speed thrills!

– Two punctures in less than a week – on the same tyre, a (potential) conspiracy that I have not been able to unravel!

– A breakdown in the middle of the road, in midst of peak traffic.

– What every car owner experiences at some time – spending a bomb on whatever accident it be; and getting a fraction of that reimbursed by the insurer.

– Parking in a place that is otherwise fit for only our good old small car – the Maruti 800; or parking at a place where it’s not restricted. Am now almost as much easy with the reverse gear as with 4th and 5th gear.

And oh yes, it feels good to give a ride to some fellow friends or family, trying to return the favors (though to different people) for lifts given to me by so many of them.

Missus is now more at ease siting besides me (initially it was her courage of being besides me when I took out the car for practice rides). I share her concern of going easy at times. And Mom has decided to be eternally afraid having a ride with me.

Let’s end with the wish that government completely does away with all taxes on Petrol or that India strikes black gold within it’s boundaries which is then sold at rates not more than a bottle of Bisleri bottled water.

PS: Have a safe ride. Don’t drive, only drink and give the owners of Kingfisher Airlines to make some cash:)

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27 Dec

Where to Use Non-Slip Floor Coatings

Creating a safe home nowadays is essential. If you think that burglar bars and alarms are enough then you would be mistaken. There are other aspects that you need to be made aware of if you want to have a safe from. This includes knowing where to use non-slip floor coatings.

Non-slip floor coatings are an absolute necessity in all homes. Most people think that a little slip here and there won’t do any real damaged. This is not the case at all and slip and fall injuries are some of the highest recorded in hospitals. This is why it is essential to stop your home from being a high accident proned zone. The question is where can you actually use the non-slip floor coating? Well the answer is pretty much anywhere in your home. One of the major selling points of this product is that it can be applied to almost any surface. You can keep your beautiful tiles or wooden floor and simply place the coating right on top.

How does the non-slip floor coating work? It has been designed to dry completely clear. The process by which it is applied is as follows:

· Clean the floor: this is done using the non-slip coating degreaser. It will help to lift up any grease and oil that is residing on the floor.

· Apply the coating: once the floor is dry, the coating can then be applied all over the necessary areas and will need to dry completely before anyone can walk on it.

· Clean the floor again: to make sure that the floor is one hundred percent slip free, it is important to clean the floor one last time with the degreaser.

All that is left to do is walk across the floor and notice that it is completely slip free. In fact at first, it will be difficult to even realise it is, because there will be no evidence that you changed your flooring at all. There is no longer a need to change all of the flooring in your home, instead all you need to do is apply the non-slip floor coating. The best places to apply it, will be in the Kitchen, bathroom and any other areas that have slippery tiles. Having a safe home is as easy as that.

Anti-slip solutions for businesses

It is not only home owners that need to create a safe place, but also business owners. There are a number of options that are available to business premises, including the non-slip floor coating, which will assist in creating slip free surfaces. One of the most important areas, is your wheelchair access ramp. During the rainy days, these ramps can become slippery, by simply using an anti-slip grip kit to line the ramp, you will not have to worry about the wheelchair bound people accessing your building with difficulty.

Here at Slip No More we can provide you with so many slip free options that you are truly spoiled for choice. Visit our website http://www.slipnomore.co.za to find out which solutions will work for your home and or business.

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28 Oct

Professional Truck Route Planners

Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday! What is a professional truck route planner? Well, it is someone who specializes in giving truck drivers customized truck routes so the drivers don’t have to go through all that hassle. They have a lot to deal with and a truck route planner is there to help. The need to find good truck directions is on going, and so many companies have tried to give truck drivers what they need. So far, companies have given drivers technology that leaves them hanging.

Professional truck route planners go the extra mile. They look for the fastest and safest routes and they also locate all the truck stops so there is no guess work for the driver. The planners go state by state to route out each trip, looking for low clearances, width requirements, and restricted routes so they can keep the truck drivers off of these roads. They then start routing the trip from point a to point b, carefully considering fuel costs and other important factors that truck drivers need to deal with. The planners do not give out of route miles unless it is an absolute emergency and there is no other way around it. Drivers don’t need any extra costs eating into their profit.

It takes an average of fifteen to twenty minutes to plan out a trip and sometimes even longer. In reality, that is time taken away from a truck driver to get to their destination, and if the driver is late, their pay is docked. And what about eating or even taking a shower? These drivers live out on the road bringing America almost everything we need to live and they deserve the best directions possible. That is why the planners are more than happy to help truck drivers find their truck route.

I know that truck drivers have dispatch, but sometimes it takes dispatch a long time to get back to the driver for directions. When dispatch finally does get back to the driver, it is usually directions from the internet that is meant for cars, not trucks. Trucks need the best truck routes and truck route planners know that. The planners take the time to look at the maps and get directions that the drivers need. I have heard to many times of drivers getting tickets for being on the wrong roads and getting a ticket and dispatch tells the driver that they were only suggestions. That is wrong. Truck drivers deserve respect and the planners help the driver stay off restricted routes so they don’t get a ticket.

Professional Truck Route Planners

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